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Ryan Clark Master Mentalism studies a system that allows an ordinary human being to perform extraordinary magic tricks within 30 days. This ...

Ryan Clark Master Mentalism studies a system that allows an ordinary human being to perform extraordinary magic tricks within 30 days. This system has been devised by Ryan Clark and he guarantees that people shall master this technique in a record time span of just 30 days. The master mentalism technique is an awesome way to impress your friends, peers, family members, as well as your beloved. Mentalism trick is very tough to master but with the technique developed by Ryan Clark, you can learn this art effectively.

The package

• The Master Mentalism package is divided into a set of 4 books.
• The package is quite impressive
• The magic tricks within the guide are explained step by step
• They are easy to follow
• A variety of topics are covered in detail
• The guide can be downloaded instantly

Bonus eBooks

• 500 Card Tricks Revealed
• David Blaine Brutally Exposed
• Bonus Magic Tricks Book
• A guide of 500 card tricks absolutely free.
• The manual “The real meal”

The Master Mentalism manual consists of 223 pages in total. The content inside is different from what you would expect. Instead of your everyday fluff material, this one is just the opposite, it is mind blowing.  It stars off very easily and with very simple principles and works continues too much harder and more difficult tricks. If you are still on the beginner’s phase, you can easy be intimidated by it. But if you consider yourself a veteran you will definitely still learn some new material. Tricks are described to the very last detail. Illustrations also are very clear leaving no ambiguity in how to perform the tricks.

Master Mentalism Review - It Is Effective?

The book is divided into six major sections:

1. Mentalism, Mind Reading and Psychological Illusions (the “meat” of the book)
2. Interviews with Criss Angel and David Blaine
3. David Copperfield secrets
4. Levitation techniques
5. Card tricks
6. Hypnosis

Sections in the manual are covered thoroughly. The author Ryan Even did a splendid job of covering each section in detail to the very last sentence. There are many crowd pleasers such as mental effect trick named “Drunk on water.” In this particular segment, Ryan and Mr. X teach you how to make a volunteer act and feel drunk after good old plain water.

.Section three has some of the most goggling and shocking revelations. Don’t take my word for it, just check it out. In this section, David Copperfield’s most daring secret is exposed. How he made the Statue of Liberty to disappear.  This secret I must say shocked me for days if not months, in fact I am still shocked.  According to the author Ryan, all these revelations were revealed by Mr. X. This may just be a way of selling more copies, or it may be the host truth. Either way, all the secrets in this manual are pretty darn good.


1. Great quality of the magic tricks
2. Easy to understand
3. Hypnosis section (very interesting material)
4. Copperfield secrets
5. Covers subtleties and psychological secrets


1. More pictures could have helped
2. Expert magicians will know how some of the tricks are done


Magic tricks in this manual differ; some are easy and can be learnt quite quickly, while others will definitely take time to perfect. The majority of the magic tricks are made for the crowd or a group of individuals. Therefore if your intentions are to perform for that special someone, then maybe you should rethink the whole thing. But if your plan is to please a crowd, then you are marching towards the right direction.

• The tricks provided in this guide are original and unique
• They are of very high quality, easy and intuitive
• Mind reading tricks are explained by using diagrams
• Everything is explained and in old simple English
• Instructions on how to use the guide are clear and informative throughout the guide.
• Most importantly, the guide is suitable for both novices and the intermediate.


The entire state of the art guide costs only $47 and that is value for money right there. Most mentalism guides can cost an arm and the leg and yet not deliver what is expected of them. Now here is the best part, you don’t pay the first part.

• A video tutorial for free
• They will also send you another five excellent tricks for free
There is absolutely nothing to lose. You can always follow up by buying the full guide if you want to learn even more. This will prove to be the best investment you have ever made and that is a promise. There is also a 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked. Honestly though this is mind blogging, you really do get quality for a fraction of money.

My views

This product is great value for your money. So far I do not think that you can get another better deal for a mentalism course for such a small amount.  I would really recommend this product to anyone who is fascinated by magic, be it a beginner or a professional. It really does not matter if you are a novice or you have been doing magic for a while, it really is good value for your money.

This course is perfect for beginners in the field or those who do not have much knowledge about magic and would love to know more. Professionals may know a thing or two, but digging a little deeper, they might find some hidden gems to be explored. It really does not matter if you are into magic, this is knowledge that you can always use to your best advantage. This may just be the powerful tool you may need to improve your life, be it socially or as a performer.

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